Windows 10 News and Interests taskbar news feed rolling out worldwide

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The new Windows 10 News and Interests taskbar news feed feature is now rolling out to Windows 10 devices worldwide.

Earlier this year, Microsoft began testing a new taskbar news feed feature called ‘News and Interests’ that includes various widgets that display the current news, weather, stock prices, and traffic information for your location.

Microsoft's upcoming News and Interests feature
Microsoft’s News and Interests feature

Similar to Google Discover, News and Interests will build an interests profile for logged-in users based on their historically read content. News and Interests will use this interests profile to surface current news stories in the Windows 10 taskbar news feed.

Windows 10 users can train their news feed by personalizing their feed after logging into Microsoft’s website with the same account you use on your device. When personalizing your feed, you can select from a wide range of interests that determine what types of content you are shown.

Personalizing your Microsoft news feed
Personalizing your Microsoft news feed

The News and Interests feature is currently rolling out to devices running Windows 10 1909 and later and who have installed the May 2021 Patch Tuesday Windows 10 security updates, scheduled for May 11th, 2021.

Windows 10 users who wish to access the ‘News and Interests’ feature can install this week’s optional preview of the upcoming May Windows 10 cumulative updates.

You can install the Windows 10 preview update by performing a manual ‘Check for updates’ in Windows Update and then selecting to install the optional cumulative update.

Source: BleepingComputer

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