Slack email asking Android app users to change their passwords

In 2019, Slack suffered a data breach and asked users to reset their passwords. Now, once again, the company is sending password reset emails to its registered users on Android devices to change passwords after their logging credentials were exposed in plain-text format.

Slack Notifying Customers to Reset Passwords

Android users of the popular chat app Slack have received an email from the company requesting them to reset their password. Most users believed that it may be a scam as it contains a ‘phishy-looking’ link.

For your information, the email is genuine. Slack company representatives confirmed that this email is not a scam, and users must immediately change their passwords. You can visit this link to sign in to Slack and change the password.

Here’s a screenshot of the email Slack has sent its customers:

Slack email asking Android app users to change their passwords

Image source: Android Police

Why Reset Slack Password?

Reportedly, Slack’s Android app accidentally started logging credentials in plain text. That’s why the company sent out email notifications to inform impacted customers about the issue so that they reset their passwords.

Slack wrote that a bug was identified in the app on 21st December 2020, which caused some versions of the Android app to log “clear text user credentials to their device.”

However, it only impacted a small subset of Android app users while iPhone users are unaffected. The company fixed the issue on 21st January 2021.

The Android app version responsible for this mishap is currently blocked from use. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about updating it. You may download its latest version from the Play Store.

Users must Wipe Slack Android App Data.

Slack has urged Android app users to wipe all the data stored on their Android app to delete logs that are still stored in their phone’s storage. To do that, go to:

Settings>Apps>Slack>Storage>Clear Data or Storage. 

Or else, you can long-press the Slack app icon in the multitasking menu and tap

 App Info>Storage>Clear Dara or Storage. 

Sign back in after you have made the required changes. Make sure to reset your password on all those accounts or websites where you used Slack password.

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