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The DrugStashes community is now on Dread following its ban from Reddit and can be found via the Subdread /d/DrugStashes on the platform

A drug community operating on the online social forum, Reddit, has been banned from the platform following a violation of its rules and policies. The forum maintains that the banning comes after the community involved perpetuated the discussion of illicit drugs amongst others.

The community, known as DrugStashes hosted discussions mostly centred around the plentiful collections of drug dealers and users over the internet and soon after the ban; have moved their operations onto Dread – a darkweb website modelled after Reddit, expounding its existence as providing a space for users to “[b]oast with your own chemical collection or just peek into other’s” and allowed users to share images of said collections over the platform albeit advising users to do this under covert means.

The community can now be found on Dread via the Subdread /d/DrugStashes on dreadditevelidot.onion/d/DrugStashes and definitely would be afforded more freedoms than they were previously entitled to on the Reddit platform. They maintain that they are not a criminal community and continuously caution users to respect their privacy and protect their security on the platform.

Moderators of the platform are said to have encouraged users to only post images under extreme circumstances and “use imgur or reddits built-in image holster. Both delete and don’t save Exif data” ensuring that they took all the necessary precautions to avoid detection from the site and law enforcement agents on the platform posing to identify criminals to make potential arrests.

The move of the community to Dread is not a unique one, seeing as the site itself was set up to carry the conversations that were prohibited and censored on Reddit, as well darknet and darkweb market forums.

The open web as we know it has not been exactly welcoming to having conversations pertaining to the darkweb, drugs or other similar topics as the formula for maintaining politically correct conversations over the open internet is to pretend things like recreational drugs and its use by a large portion of the human population do not exist.






Source: TheOnionWeb

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