New WACUP release fixes a massive number of Winamp bugs


The Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP ) has released Preview version with many fixes and improvements for the Winamp media player.

WACUP is a project by ex-Winamp developer Darren Owen to fix bugs and extend the Winamp 5.66 media player’s functionality through the program’s plugin feature.

One of Winamp’s strongest features is that it includes a plugin system allowing third-party developers to extend or modify the program’s functionality. These plugins can range from new visualization tools, equalizers, and ways to change media’s playback.

WACUP using WinAmp's modern skin
WACUP using Winamp’s modern skin

Using this plugin feature, WACUP can fix known bugs in the final original Winamp 5.66 release and add new features for modern operating systems and services.

On Monday, the project released WACUP Preview that fixes a massive amount of bugs and includes new features such as better Windows 10 integration, playback options, and better compatibility with streaming plugins.

Installing WACUP will also install the patched version of WinAMP 5.66 and the project’s plugins, making it very easy to get started with the program.

In 2018, Winamp 5.8 was leaked, resulting in Radionomy officially making it available for download from the Winamp site. At the time, they stated they planned on releasing Winamp 6, but the company has not released any further versions since Winamp 5.8.

Source: BleepingComputer

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