Mozilla rolls out new Firefox version to fix Windows reboot bug

Mozilla rolls out new Firefox version to fix Windows reboot bug

Mozilla today started rolling out Firefox 82.0.1, a new version that fixes a known bug where the Windows installer displays unnecessary reboot prompts on some systems after it finishes the installation.

“This would affect anyone running a full installer (not the stub installer)[..], provided they have at least one other Firefox installation in a directory other than the one that they just installed into (that is, having one existing installation which you are paving over wouldn’t trigger this, there has to be a different one),” Mozilla engineer Molly Howell explained on the company’s bug tracker.

While this is not a default or common scenario when installing Firefox, there is no real estimate on how many Windows users actually install the web browser using the full installer.

However, when the scenario is met for users of previous Firefox versions, the installation succeeds but it will only work correctly after the user restarts the system.

Firefox 82.0.1

More fixes for known bugs

Firefox 82.0.1 also uplifts a fix to the stable version for a known stability issue that has affected the web browser’s users during the last two months.

This new version also includes fixes for printing issues and WebDriver bug in the marionette testing framework.

You can update to Firefox 82.0.1 by going to Options -> Help -> About Firefox; the browser will automatically check for the new version and install it when available.

You can also download Firefox 82.0.1 from the following links:

Performance boost in the previous version

In the previous version, Firefox 82.0, Mozilla introduced several performance improvements to boost both start-up time and page loads.

First of all, websites that use flexbox-based layouts will load 20% faster than before after updating to the latest Firefox version.

Firefox 82.0 is also 17% quicker when restoring browsing sessions, allowing users to get back to what they were doing faster.

The latest Windows version of Mozilla’s web browser is now also able to open new windows 10% quicker.

Source: BleepingComputer

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