How to make a QR code to accept Bitcoin while keeping it secure

If you are planning on maintaining a Bitcoin-friendly business, or just want to have an easy way of receiving crypto payments, you might want to consider the possibility of making yourself a QR code for easy Bitcoin transactions

What’s a QR code?

A QR code (quick response code) is a sort of barcode that can be recognized by a simple smartphone camera. The QR code is made up of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background. The barcode itself can contain data for a tracker that redirects users to a specific website or app.

Watch out: Fake QR code generators, apps stealing Bitcoin

Although QR codes make it easy for users to deal in cryptocurrency, one should also watch out for fake QR code generating apps and software specifically developed to steal users’ funds.

In particular, such scams against Bitcoin have increased due to its ever-rising value. At the time of publishing this article, 1 BTC was almost hitting 24,000 USD. Therefore, if you own Bitcoin make sure not to fall for fake QR code generating apps on 3rd party store or even on Play Store spreading malware or stealing your data.

Why use a QR code for Bitcoin?

Generating your own unique QR code for accepting crypto can be an efficient way to receive quick payments from customers. Also, it allows you to provide a no-hassle payment method with crypto. QR codes as such can be used in both physical and online stores. Just make sure the QR code is clearly visible and of good quality. 

How to generate a unique QR code?

To create your own QR code for accepting crypto payments you will firstly need to find your digital wallet public address. A public address for cryptocurrency wallets is used to receive crypto payments. So go over to your digital wallet and copy this public address (it should appear as a random alphanumeric character code. 

Next, head over to the web to find yourself a public crypto QR code generator. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency (it can be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so on), type in your public wallet address, and let the site generate your unique QR code. Once the code is generated, you will be able to download it and use it for your needs. 

Having a code as such is a quick and safe way for you to receive payments and for others to send you payments. If not for a unique QR code you would have to provide users with a 30-something character long code. Using codes like this can cause confusion, as one incorrect character can offer further troubles. 

We hope this article sheds some light on how you can make crypto payment transactions a fuss-free experience. Using digital currencies should and does offer a number of advantages for its users, so be sure to use them to your power. 

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