Happy Birthday Dread!

Today three years ago Dread came to live, at the beginning Hugbunter created it with the main purpose to focus it on cybersecurity but the ban against the subdreddit /r/DarknetMarkets made that the community migrated from Reddit to Dread

Since those days many things happened and although the beginning of this year is looking awful as the previous year when serious attacks started in the tor network against Dread, some marketplaces and other hidden services. This new year the story repeats itself although this time it seems that the attacker is different and not so sophisticated if he is using a massive botnet to attack Dread but seems that he has a wallet full of money ready to burn to keep the attack during all the past week. But as Paris said several times, taken down can be a challenge for some attackers but Paris and Hugbunter will keep investing time and money to make Dread more stable and develop enough defense systems against this or another attack, this is just one more test that they will pass sooner or later






Source: TheOnionWeb

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