Hacker selling DDOS-Guard database, source code, pirate sites data

It is time for anti-piracy groups to rejoice as the database of DDoS-Guard is reportedly on sale on a hacking forum. It is an infamous bulletproof hosting service dubbed a ‘notorious market’ that many pirate websites use.

The service is known for hosting numerous file-sharing giants, including BS., S., and Go-Unlimited file hosting services. The data up for sale allegedly includes details of those operating Russian torrent site RuTracker.

It is worth noting that DDoS-Guard is the same service that helped Parler, a right-learning social media firm, get back online after being banished by Amazon Web Services.

The listing was discovered by security vendor Group-IB on May 26.

DDoS-Guard Source Code also Part of the Sale.

According to Group-IB researchers, a seller on a famous cybercrime forum is offering source code and database belonging to the Russia-based DDOS-Guard hosting service.

“DDoS-Guard is a Russian online infrastructure services provider that in January 2021 helped Parler, a social media app, to return online after it had been refused web hosting services on the AWS platform…. DDoS-Guard also provides computing capacities and obstructs the identification of website owners of hundreds of shady resources that are engaged in illicit goods sale, gambling, and copyright infringements,” Group-IB researchers said in their report.

Data Available for $350,000

Reportedly, the seller, who goes by the online handle of “kilobyte,” has listed the source code and database of DDoS-Guard for $350,000. It is up for sale on Exploit.in. It is an old hacking forum used mainly by Russian-speaking scammers.

Hackers selling DDOS-Guard database, source code, pirate sites data

Screenshot of the listing on Exploit.in

Data Authenticity Not Proven Yet!

The legitimacy of data is still being investigated since the seller didn’t provide a data sample and had no previous sales record on the forum. In fact, the seller endured a ban for refusing to use Exploit.in’s escrow service.

However, if the data is legitimate, it will be a welcome change since a company known for aiding cybercriminals will get a taste of its own medicine by becoming a victim of a data breach.

According to Group-IB’s threat intelligence analyst, Oleg Dyorov, if the data is legit, cybercriminals can use it in numerous ways, from carrying out mass spanning and ransomware attacks to launching targeted phishing attacks.

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Source: HackRead

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