Gamers Being Targeted With Malware Attacks (XtremeRat) Disguised as Cheat Codes

Gamers are the individuals hard to be fooled when it comes to the security and safety of their PC. However, hackers would not leave a stone unturned to target them as well in whatever way possible for their malicious means.

Researchers from Cisco Talos, on Wednesday, presented a report stating that hackers started targeting gamers through gaming tools, cheating codes deployed; disguised as Remote Access Trojans (RATs), which results in theft of personal information including getting access to their webcam and microphone.

The malware, XtremeRAT (ExtRAT) is being used, which is fiscally accessible, acquires a trojan (RAT) that is often utilized in assaulting a specific category.

Hackers are making gamers attracted to these cheat codes through an exceedingly technical and disguised form, thus exposing them to this malware without even any hint.

The malware is hidden in the files that are stored to install game patches, tweaks, and gaming tools. They are also advertised on an extremely large scale by social media channels, especially, YouTube how-to videos, modding game tools, codes, and marketplaces. They hide their evil intentions through a “VisualBasic-Based Cryptor”.

Once installed and downloaded, it gets activated and thus becomes able to:

  • Steal the entire internal information
  • Download the data stored files
  • Access the microphone
  • Access the webcam
  • Record pictures, videos, and audios
  • Download and upload files
  • Capture screenshots
  • Record keystrokes

Tech experts are advising gamers to ignore cheat codes software instead of focusing on updating and scanning their gaming systems frequently with authentic antivirus programs.

Source: The Hack Today

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