Frankfurt: Five Police Officers Suspected of Exchanging Right-Wing Extremist Content on Dark Web

Frankfurt: Five Police Officers Suspected of Exchanging Right-Wing Extremist Content on Dark Web



  5 Jan 2019   0

Five Frankfurt police officers from Police Station One have been suspended by the police service for allegations of organized incitement of rebellion against the state through the exchange of right-wing extremist content on the dark web. This comes shortly after other officers from Hesse’s executive committees were searched on suspension.

The investigation into the serious allegations against the suspended officers from the Frankfurt network has been launched by a group of professionals, lead by the state public prosecution, after a search conducted by the head of the police in the district of Marburg-Biedenkopf led to suspicion.

Hate against the disabled and foreigners

The five Frankfurt officers, one woman and four men, are suspected of intentionally exchanging right-wing extremist content on the dark web against the disabled and foreigners. They have since been suspended from duty to allow for investigation. The state office of public prosecution and the criminal inquiry directorate have taken the case and are now investigating the allegations.

The suspects are also being investigated in connection with a threatening letter against Basay Seda-Yildiz, a lawyer with Turkish origin. It has turned out that the threatening message, sent on the dark web and signed with “NSU 2.0,” left a trail that led to a computer signed to a female police officer. This was discovered after an inquiry by the head of police into their private data.

According to a report by “Frankfurter Allgemeine,” the right-wing ideology network on the dark web was exposed by the state security detectives after Basay Seda-Yildiz reported about the threatening letter ‘of slaughtering her daughter’ after he had represented the NSU co-claim trial in Munich.

It has been discovered that the lawyer’s private data, such as his address, were explicitly quoted in the threatening letter through the police system. The link has led to a computer of one of the suspects, who shares a WhatsApp group with the four other officers where they share authoritative content.

The Hessian Prime Minister, Bouffier Volker, has termed the matter as ‘very serious,’ especially in the police force, and has asked the investigative agencies to probe into the matter intensively and comprehensively.

Katarina Barley, the Federal Minister for Justice, has also demanded detailed information on the accusations. “The suspicion of right-wing ideology in the police force is frightening,” said the SPD politician. “Our police service should strengthen and preserve our value for democracy,” Barley insisted.

The police union has also demanded heavy penalties and suspension of all those involved in cases from the police service without mercy or compromise. Oliver Malchow, the Chairman of the Union, has threatened to use force and all tools at his disposal in the police service if nothing is done. He has also pleaded for stringent and severe punishment if any of the suspects are convicted.

The Authority Spokesman Schulte announced the formation of a group of prosecutors, lawyers, and law enforcement officers, led by the office of state prosecution, that would begin to probe into the matter from the Hessian State Criminal Police Office on Monday.

The accused police officers have since been suspended from the police service as the investigation that began on Monday continues. The five could be charged with treason, organized incitement, and creation of an unconstitutional organization.

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