China launches gun and drug crackdowns with dark web as one of the targets

China launches gun and drug crackdowns with dark web as one of the targets



  24 Jan 2019   0

The People’s Republic of China has launched a campaign to fight the growing use of guns and explosives among the people in the country. According to the report, the country seeks to ensure a safe social environment as they prepare for the incoming 70th anniversary of China. Authorities established that the campaign was driven by the potential use of such weapons by terrorists and other organized groups to threaten the social security of the country. Through this, it was admitted that the existence of the dark web, which has served as a source of weapons to people, poses a serious challenge to this campaign. The crackdowns, which have been severe for the past months, have caused most street gun vendors to operate on the dark web. China has, in past years, made the fight against the illegal use of the dark web a priority to create a crime free country.

In February 2018, the Chinese government launched a 2-year campaign against guns and explosives which targeted many sources including the dark web. Since the campaign was launched, about 43,000 suspects have been arrested. According to Li Jingsheng, an official at the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the campaign, which started last year, has greatly reduced the number of gun and explosive related crimes in China. According to Jingsheng , 42 and 39 reductions of such crimes were recorded in China between January and November 2018. These figures represent 27.6% and 29% reduction rates. Authorities have clarified that gun ownership by private individuals is not allowed by law.

According to Jingsheng , China has become one of the safest places on earth since the execution of this initiative. He said that China has benefitted from the campaign by becoming one of the countries with the lowest gun crime rates. “China is one of the safest places in the world,” he added. The country has so far dealt with 37,000 guns and explosive cases, as claimed by the official at the MPS. Also, the country has cracked down on 416 gangs and 599 dens through this campaign.

During the process, about 12,000 shotguns, 42,000 air rifles, 38,000 powder guns, and 54,000 additional guns were seized by authorities. The campaign has been effective so far with the interception and seizure of 3.69 million bullets, 416 tons of dynamite, and 500,000 detonators. Guo Lin, the spokesperson of MPS revealed that since the initiation of the campaign, the authorities have received about 5000 tips from the public on guns and explosives. The authorities have, as a result, handled about 2200 cases and have cashed out a total reward of $535,000.

Calls to Strengthen Campaign Despite Successful Outcome

At a conference about guns and explosives held on Monday in Beijing, Zhao Kezhi, the Chinese State Councilor, and the Public Security Minister called on the country to strengthen the fight against these weapons users. It is evident that they want to reduce the gun and explosive related crime rate to the lowest possible rate despite recording a remarkable improvement.

At the conference, Kezhi suggested making more efforts to make gun crime a thing of the past. He called on the need to reduce the risks of guns and explosives. He also suggested that a more secure and stable social environment should be created ahead of the 70th anniversary.

In the statement, Jingsheng suggested that the campaign should be spread to the surrounding areas. According to him, the authorities should strengthen gun and explosive management and crackdowns in the surrounding areas, including Southeast Asia. Also, law enforcers should intensify the crackdowns to force local manufacturers out of operation. This action will also ensure that Chinese-based gun and explosive traders will be kept under a close check. Authorities will monitor all weapons smuggling activities within their domain and ensure that weapons do not come into the country from outside.

Because most guns and explosives are manufactured and smuggled from outside China, it is expected that the country will find a way to get neighboring authorities to control the use of such weapons so China may avoid worrying about the influx of weapons from outside the country.

The dark web has found popularity among Chinese citizens as there have been reports of mass shipments from China to Canada. It is worth noting that authorities also have an equal restriction on illegal drug importation into the country.

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