Billings Man and Daughter Accused of Running a Dark Web Drug Operation from West End Home

Billings Man and Daughter Accused of Running a Dark Web Drug Operation from West End Home



  24 Jan 2019   0

Authorities have accused a father and his daughter of running a large scale drug trafficking business and taking advantage of loopholes in postal services. Just like many other vendors, the duo set up a store on the dark web and ran illegal drug services though which they made profits in cryptocurrencies. They are said to have made numerous successful attempts to send drugs by postal services all over the world. The suspects, Gregory Paul Green (63), and his daughter, Brittany Green (29), have been charged by authorities with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. The suspects may have to spend time in prison if found guilty.

According to reports, the arrests of Gregory Paul Green and his daughter, Brittany Green, were the result of an investigation that began on December 18, 2018, after one of their packages was intercepted in Michigan by Customs and Border Patrol Officers. Authorities found the Billings residential address of Gregory Paul Green labeled on the package. The package contents were labeled as “organic fitness vitamins,” but the substances found in the package were entirely different – instead, the package contained about 1500 Alprazolam pills and Xanax pills.

Authorities then traced the address and raided the residence on January 3, 2019. According to an affidavit written by FBI Officer Michael Robinson, thousands of Xanax pills were found in the apartment. Also, authorities found hundreds of grams of meth, 122 grams of Ketamine, Carfentanil, and other kinds of drugs. Authorities also discovered a computer in the Greens’ residence. On the computer, a dark web marketplace where Gregory Paul Green was selling Xanax pills to customers all over the world was open. As indicated in the affidavit, paperwork showing that Gregory Paul Green used bitcoin as a payment option for his illegal drug operation was found on his desk.

The officers found a sealed package that was ready to be shipped to a customer. The package contained two Xanax pills and quarter-ounce of meth. A further search of his residence led to the discovery of a basement in which the officers found what resembled a “clandestine Methamphetamine lab.” Following this discovery, the officers called the hazmat team from the Billings Fire Department. Later in the day, Brittany Green admitted to the use of the lab. As claimed by the affidavit, Brittany revealed that she used to wash methamphetamine at the lab. According to experts, this is a process of removing impurities from the drugs.

Also, authorities confiscated hundreds of pieces of paraphernalia and hundreds of feet of glass tubing. The glass tubing was being made into glass pipes. The affidavit written on Friday further establishes that a 100-pound butane tank was found in the basement. To make it easier for Brittany to mix drugs for redistribution, instructions explaining the process were written on the tank. A sample was taken to the lab, and it tested positive for methamphetamine. Authorities did not, however, provide a statement indicating when the duo had begun running this illegal operation.

When authorities were in the middle of executing the search warrant and the arrest warrant, they came across opioids which appeared to be one of the drugs Gregory sold on the dark web at a large scale. Opioids have been linked to numerous overdose deaths in the United States and have been one of the dangerous drugs authorities have sought to crackdown on and to discourage the smuggling of the drug into the country. Opioids are said to be much stronger than heroin, and their use is trendy among drug dealers both on the street and on dark web.

The suspects are currently being held without bond at the Yellowstone County Detention Facility, according to a report.

Authorities have made many attempts to eradicate the illegal sale of drugs both on the street and on the dark web. The efforts to strengthen the borders so as to intercept such packages have been very fruitful in Europe but have had little impact on the number of dark web users as reports show the number of users keep accelerating on the various platforms. An Australian agency has revealed that the deep web is not invincible as many illegal users across Europe have been arrested.

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