Arrested addicted doctor bought cocaine and heroin on dark web

Arrested addicted doctor bought cocaine and heroin on dark web



  10 Jan 2019   0

Dr. Torin Finver has been arrested for ordering controlled substances from the dark web. As the addiction recovery program director at the University at Buffalo Medical School and as a specialized doctor in the treatment of substance abuse, Finver’s actions, secretly relying on the anonymity of the dark web to buy drugs and then using the using the drugs himself, were contrary to what he preaches.

According to a report, in collaboration with other agencies, U.S. Homeland Security and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, intercepted four packages mailed from the dark web on separate occasions. The authorities discovered that three of the packages contained cocaine and one contained heroin. Authorities removed the cocaine and then had the package delivered to the address indicated on the package – Columbia Avenue in Hamburg. Finver was then observed signing for the package. A search and seizure warrant was executed at his residence on Lake Shore Drive.

The investigation into Finver’s drug importation started when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted a package meant to be delivered to Finver on 21 November. According to prosecutors, the sender’s address was falsely linked to a pet accessory shop in California – the package actually came from Germany. After the package was opened, authorities found a white powdery substance, which was later identified as cocaine. According to the prosecutor, the cocaine amounted to about three grams.

Additionally, U.S. authorities intercepted another package on 10 December, which was sent from California. A sniffing dog indicated the package contained a controlled substance. As claimed by reports, the authorities then executed a search warrant and found three separate envelopes, which contained a rock-like substance. After running a series of tests, the substance tested positive for heroin.

In addition to the previous intercepted packages, the authorities blocked two other packages, which were to be delivered to Finver on 12 December and 15 December. These packages were opened as well, and one tested positive for cocaine. The other package remains in the custody of authorities, according to reports. After the series of interceptions, the police arrested Finver. He is expected to face the full force of the law if found guilty. Last year, a dark web buyer was arrested and sentenced after customs spotted his package containing illegal drugs. Arrest rates related to the interception of drugs by the CBP have soared recently.

Finver admitted that he ordered the drugs on the dark web and made payments in bitcoin to authorities. Finver’s statement indicated that he was familiar with how the deep web operates, and he had been involved in this operation for a while. As claimed by the criminal complaint filed against him, he admitted to buying drugs on the darknet on seven occasions throughout the last couple months. After admitting to snorting heroin and cocaine, he added that he kept a box containing synthetic urine in his basement, which he used for passing his required weekly drug tests.

In an interview with John Della Contrada, the university’s spokesperson, Contrada said the university is aware of the arrest of Dr. Finver. According to Contrada, the university has a procedure in place for dealing with situations like this. Contrada clarified that the university would respond to the case accordingly, and they recognize that an arrested person remains innocent until he is proven guilty. For now, Finver is not currently practicing medicine, according to Anne Constantino, Horizon’s CEO and president. Also, he is not treating Horizon patients currently.

Constantino also said that there is no indication that Finver gave any of the controlled substances to patients nor did he obtain any through his work. She then said the entire staff is saddened about what has happened to him; Finver played a crucial role in treating substance addicted patients at the facility.

Earlier, Finver appeared before the court presided by U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael J. Roemer, and he was released on condition, according to reports. Finver had no attorney available in his initial appearance.

Worthy of note, the arrest of a doctor for buying drugs on the deep web is not a unique case. Recently, a Newcastle doctor was sentenced for buying drugs on the dark web.

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