A 17-Year-Old Young Man from Herne Bay Dies After Taking Dark Web Drugs

A 17-Year-Old Young Man from Herne Bay Dies After Taking Dark Web Drugs



  25 Jan 2019   2

A seventeen-year-old boy suffered a drug-related death from substances he obtained from the dark web. William Horley, a resident of Herne Bay in Kent, England, was attending school at Herne Bay High and worked at the Lobster Shack restaurant at Whitstable.

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A day before his death, Horley had been working at the restaurant with his twenty-one-year-old friend, Henry Forsyth, a Canterbury Christ Church University student. After completion of their duties, the pair decided to purchase some drugs to help relieve them of pain and anxiety caused by the day’s work.

They went on to purchase the drugs for £60 from a seller who had obtained the drugs from the dark web and guaranteed them discretion. The drugs included tramadol and Xanax.

After consuming the drugs, the two left for the harbor to have some drinks with workmates. Later that night, Horley decideded to spend the night at Forsyth’s place in Whitstable, unsuspecting of anything.

The next morning, however, the teenager’s friend and his sister were unable to wake him up. After several failed attempts of CPR and lack of a pulse, a neighbor was called to help.

An ambulance came a few minutes later, and the boy was taken to Q.E.Q. Mother Hospital in Margate where he was pronounced dead on the morning of July 23. A post mortem report stated that the cause of death was an overdose of tramadol which had exacerbated pneumonia he had been suffering from.

Forsyth reported that, to his knowledge, Horley would smoke some marijuana but had not had any experience with tramadol before and that was probably his first time using the drug. He also said that their only intention for taking the drugs was to get through the strenuous shifts they had at the restaurant during the Whitstable Oyster Festival.

At the time of his death, Horley had ranked seventh out of 41 applicants at the Royal Artillery Corps assessment and was just about to realize his childhood dream of joining the army. He was also scheduled to meet with a modelling agency after a scout noticed him during a holiday trip with his father.

Horley is said to have placed great interest in sports since the young age of four when he started playing rugby. He also participated in kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and Canterbury boxing.

His mother, Kim Webster, described Horley as a caring young man and a typical teenager whom she was very proud of. She also says he was a very lively boy who shared his whole life with her and never kept her in the dark about anything. Therefore, he could not have taken the drugs in order to take his own life.

She adds that he loved life and was surrounded by a loving family that supported all his endeavors. He was very ambitious and would go for whatever he wanted.

In memory of her son, Mrs. Webster has taken to holding sessions for the youth at Herne Bay to sensitize them to the dangers of drug use. She teaches that tramadol might be a prescription drug, but that does not mean it is safe or can be used by anyone.

Youngsters may decide to take such drugs as an experiment just as Horley decided to try it before leaving for the army, but they end up paying with their health or worse, their life. Such effects can happen to anyone, as Mrs. Webster points out.

A boxing club known as the City Boxing Amateur Club has begun a charity in William Horley’s name. It aims to provide funds to enable the less privileged youth in Canterbury to pursue their dreams of engaging in boxing.

Mrs. Webster states that this is what her son would have wanted to do as he was very helpful to such people while he was alive. Police are continuing to carry out investigations on the case and are currently interviewing a teenager suspected to have supplied the drugs.

Horley’s case was heard at the Canterbury Magistrates Court on the 9th of January where Detective Sergent Martin Williams informed the inquest that the drugs probably came from the Netherlands. The police state that they will continue to perform investigations to get a hold of similar darknet traffickers.

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