24-year-old Man Arrested for Darknet Drugs in Hyderabad

24-year-old Man Arrested for Darknet Drugs in Hyderabad



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In Hyderabad, India, a 24-year-old man was arrested by authorities and charged with possession of LSD and other MDMA drugs. The young man worked with one of the leading online shopping sites in this city. The Prohibition and Excise Department (P & E) also said that the young man was found to be cultivating marijuana in his apartment. Some of the things that were seized during the arrest were his mobile phone, eight grams of MDMA, 75 LSD blotters, and his entire harvest of marijuana.

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Authorities later said that the man bought the drugs from the Dream darknet market. He was acting as a reseller and amassing profits from his trade.

“The young man bought LSD from dark web markets at a price of Rs 80 (approximately $1) for each LSD blotter and reselling them for Rs 1000 (making almost 14x profit,” said the Deputy Commissioner of the P & E.

According to initial police reports, he also said that the culprit was making purchases of the drugs using bitcoin and getting the drugs shipped to him via courier services.

His list of clients were people in his neighborhood who were well known to him. Apparently, his clients came from well-off suburbs, including Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills.

The Excise officials further said that they are still gathering intel on this darknet drug network by looking at his phone call details. The officials also raided his office and enquired from the management about the young man’s operations. On learning about his double life, the company immediately fired him.

The arrest probably came about as a result of a special investigation team set up by authorities to monitor drug use. The team has been tasked with the responsibility of closely observing residents and employees within organizations and reporting to authorities any suspicious behaviors.

Hyderabad has in the past made headlines as a mecca for drug lords. The city’s economic muscle and upper middle class families have been bait for drug vendors. Drug dealers in the area mostly target youth and school children.

Last year alone multiple drug dealers were targeted and arrested for their drug sales in the school systems. Nearly 20 top schools and hundreds of students within these schools were mentioned as clients for the narcotic dealers. Most of the students engaged in the purchase of these drugs as early as being in the 8th and 9th grades. Reports indicate that on average, the students spent up to $60 per week to purchase these drugs.

Authorities are concerned that the city is flooded by drugs and there is no turning back. This is because the majority of the drug users come from affluent and prominent families. In most cases authorities usually deal with such incidences in secrecy so as to avoid embarrassments to these families, and also their cash flow only continues to spread.

Last year, a former NASA scientist was arrested within this city for drug abuse. Anish Dundoo, a 29-year-old US citizen and an Aeronautical Engineering was arrested in August 2017. Authorities raided his office and found 1.2 kilograms of cannabis and 16 units of LSD.

Perhaps Hyderabad is deeply rooted with drug problems. Most of the drugs being sourced from outside of India are being trafficked through the post from the Netherlands.

Once they arrive, the drugs are then funneled immediately into the streets where they are sold quickly to students in schools, colleges, nightclubs and hotels through unidentified agents. Some of the pub owners within the areas such as Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills have been summoned and questioned by authorities. To make matters worse, many of the night club liquor licenses have been revoked during the investigation in hopes of slowing down the drug traffic.

“We are seeing highly qualified individuals engaging in the sale of drugs and this is a big shame for all of us,” the official P & E report stated. “We are urging all local areas and schools to be vigilant and report to the police and criminal action of their employees and students. School management should also keep a close eye on the stores that are operating nearby.”

The state has set up rehabilitation centers. The government has been working closely with NGOs to set up these centers in an effort to prevent repeat drug offenders. There are currently five rehabilitation centers in the State of Telengana.

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